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The Road to Tokyo INDEPTH | FOCUS

The Road to Tokyo

With the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games finally getting underway later this month, two sports chiefs discuss their work to keep preparations on track.   

When word came down last year that the Tokyo 2020 Olympics would be postponed, the first thing Koji Murofushi did was to look for similar incidents in the Games’ 124-year history.  

Course Correction INDEPTH | GOLF

Course Correction

If practice makes perfect, then the Club’s upgraded golf simulator promises the ideal environment in which to transform bogeys into birdies. 

A golfer has to train his swing on the practice tee,” once quipped renowned sports psychologist Bob Rotella, “then trust it on the course.” 

Landing Olympic Success INDEPTH | GYMNASTICS

Landing Olympic Success

Ahead of the Tokyo Games, Club instructor Kazuhito Tanaka reflects on his own Olympic moment. 

What goes through the mind of an athlete when they step onto the Olympic podium to receive a medal? Heart-pumping pride? Dizzying euphoria? The satisfaction of a lifelong goal realized?

Olympic City Memories INTOUCH | VOICE

Olympic City Memories

Tickets for the 1964 Tokyo Olympics were incredibly hard to obtain. But I managed to secure two tickets for the final day of the track and field events through a colleague in the United States.

October 21 was a regular working day, a Wednesday, so I had to make an excuse to my boss. I went to the National Stadium with my fiancée, who is now my wife (we got married the following year).