Guests at the Club

Members are now free to bring guests to the Club. All visits, however, are subject to certain conditions.

Guests, who must be at least 18 years old (20 for Vista and Traders’ Bar), may enter the Club no later than 9pm and are welcome at American Bar & Grill, CHOP Terrace, Chef’s Table, Traders’ Bar, Vista and the Winter Garden. All other venues are unavailable to guests for the time being, unless reserved for a private function.

Before visiting the Club with guests, Members are strongly encouraged to fill out an online guest registration form by 6pm the day before visiting to expedite the check-in process at the Club.

With the safety of Members and staff a priority for the Club in the current pandemic environment, the Board of Governors has revised the House Rules for visiting guests:

  • Each Member may sponsor up to three adult guests per visit (up to five when reserving the Chef’s Table at CHOP Steakhouse). Guests are limited to two Club visits in a calendar month.
  • Guests are required to show a government-issued photo ID when checking in at the Club and are subject to the Club’s standard requirements for temperature screening and mask usage when entering.
  • Guests are required to share their phone number and are encouraged to provide their e-mail address for possible contact tracing.
  • Members who are not able to register their guests by 6pm the day before visiting must sign in their guests at Member Services.
  • Members must accompany their guests at all times while on Club premises and are responsible for their behavior. Registered guests will be issued with a guest pass, which they must keep with them throughout their stay.
  • Club access for guests is a Member privilege, even more so during these times of uncertainty. Members and guests are expected to abide by the revised guest policies. This includes not visiting the Club for 14 days after returning from abroad or after being in close contact with someone who has just returned from abroad or who has tested positive for COVID-19. Members who fail to follow these rules will be subject to disciplinary action that may include loss of guest privileges and membership suspension.