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The Club relies on a diversity of committees to plan special events and programs, oversee particular operations and advise the Board of Governors and Club management. Whether it's a field of expertise or an amateur passion, Members are highly encouraged to become directly involved in the Club and help shape its future by joining a committee.

Contact the General Manager’s Office for details or e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (enter the committee of interest and contact's name from the listing below in the subject line).

*Parenthesized names denote Board liason


Samuel Rogan (Mark Miller)
Bowling — Crystal Goodfliesh
Fitness — Samuel Rogan
Golf — John Breen
Library — Alaine Lee
Logan Room — Christa Rutter
Squash — Martin Fluck
Swim — Alexander Jampel
Youth Activities — Narissara March

The Recreation Committee develops and promotes recreational programs at the Club designed to keep bodies and minds active, healthy and happy. A mix of activities ensures that Members of all ages and interests can discover their ideal pursuits.

• January 2013, Created TAC Toastmasters and held the first Toastmasters Luncheon (Library).
• February 2013, formed "Friendlies Golf" to provide the Men's Golf Group with weekend events.
• July 2013, Held the annual TAC Squash Premier Classic (Squash).
• September 2013, Held the TAC Handicap Squash Tournament (Squash).
• September 2013, Introduced the PressDisplay online newspaper kiosk in the library (Library).
• September 2013, Formed the TAC Eagles Basketball Team (Youth).
• October 2013, Held the TAC Squash Fall Team Challenge (Squash).
• October 2013, Held the TAC All-Comers Swim Meet (Swim).

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Mark Miller

The Compensation Committee consists of five voting members, all of whom are members of the Board of Governors. The General Manager and the Chair of the Human Resources Committee are non-voting ex officio members. Other committee chairs or individual experts may be invited to participate, as needed, in specific deliberations. The General Manager reports to, and consults with, the Compensation Committee on hiring, dismissals, compensation, and annual evaluations of Executive staff. The Compensation Committee's responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:
• Benchmark Executive staff compensation, including the General Manager.
• Review and present the General Manager's goals and performance metrics to the September Board meeting for approval.
• Provide General Manager with his annual performance evaluation; approve General Manager's bonus; report performance evaluation to the Board.
• Manage contract renewals of the General Manager with final approval by the Board.
• Manage the search when hiring a new manager, including development of the compensation package.
• Provide the Board with a yearly report on Executive compensation that the Board can approve and deliver to the membership at the Annual General Meeting.

• 2013, Standardized Executive staff contracts.
• 2013, Standardized Executive staff compensation approval process.

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Rod Nussbaum (Hiroshi Miyamasu)

The Finance Committee works to keep the Club's finances in order, preparing the budget and overseeing all financial affairs and policies, including the adherence to approved forecasts, recommendation of the annual auditing firm and consideration of requested additional funding.

• July 2013, Revised the budget preparation process to include Standing Committee representatives in the FY14 Budget Small Working Group.
• September 2013, Obtained approval of the sustainable financial model "TAC 20/20" at the Extraordinary General Meeting.
• September 2013, Recommended the FY14 Budget and Cash Flow Forecast to the Board of Governors.
• October 2013, Reviewed and recommended extension of the External Auditor contract to the Board of Governors.

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Food & Beverage

Michael Alfant (Jerome Rosenberg)
Wine — Stephen Romaine

The Food & Beverage Committee ensures that the quality and service of the Club's restaurants continue to surpass Member expectations and deliver world-class dining, along with exceptional banqueting and catering services. Its involvement ranges from creating policies to assessing finances to developing a yearly agenda of events.

• November 2012, Decanter Bar Terrace cigarette and cigar smoking permanently approved by the Board of Governors.
• March 2013, formed Task Force to review and make recommendations on Family Dining.
• April 2013, reviewed and successfully proposed changes to the House Rules dress code for Decanter Brunch.
• April 2013, reviewed and successfully proposed changes to the House Rules to reduce Family Dining wait times and address child behavior.
• May 2013, successfully proposed to the Board of Governors to restrict smoking in the Traders' Bar to the smoking cabin for one year.
• July 2013, adopted the new F&B Value Statement to set standards for Club outlets.
• September 2013, successfully proposed to the Board of Governors to continue Decanter being open to the public.
• October 2013, formed Task Force to review and make recommendations on the Winter Garden.

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Jesse Green (Gregory Lyon)
Facilities Management Group — Tomio Fukuda

The House Committee oversees the maintenance and improvement of Club facilities to meet its objectives and ideals and keep the Club running smoothly. Tasks include evaluating the use of space, implementing upgrades, proposing dress and conduct regulations, investigating violations of Club rules and acceptable behavior and taking appropriate actions, and making recommendations to the Board.

• November 2012, reviewed and revised the House Rules to address the usage of cellular phones and other communications devices within the Club.
• February 2013, converted the trial Pay-Per-Visit parking program to permanent status.
• March 2013, reaffirmed the House Rule banning pets from Club premises.
• April 2013, approved the reviewed and revised Parking Rules section of the House Rules.
• April 2013, approved installing exterior surveillance cameras at 2F exterior landing for safety and security purposes.
• June 2013, established a Dress Code Task Force to review dress codes within the Club.
• September 2013, reviewed and sucessfully recommended to the Board of Governors security measures and the reopening of the North Gate.

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Human Resources

Jon Sparks (Per Knudsen)

The Human Resources Committee guides the Club's executive team on staff management and organization. It audits human-resource practices and policies to ensure that they meet both industry and Club standards and also reviews and approves compensation programs to the Board.

• After two years of efforts achieved a transparent and stable method of funding the staff performance bonus pool.
• By adopting and promulgating a fact-based analysis of HR spending, resolved issues of misinformation and misunderstanding of the distribution of staff remuneration.
• Resolved transparency issues on the use of the "extra 2-months of dues levied on Members" and the relationship of these funds to the staff seasonal and performance bonuses.
• Commenced a "strategic" benchmarking of total HR spend.

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Alok Rakyan (Machi Nemoto)

The Membership Committee is responsible for all matters related to Membership applications, resignations, cancellations, suspensions and transfers in status, and recommends policies to the Board of Governors concerning Member communications.

• November 2012, Three-month Membership Campaign approved by the Board of Governors, implemented January - March, 2013
• January 2013, Membership category upgrade offer to existing Term Regular Members approved by the Board, implemented in March, 2013
• April 2013, iNTOUCH language is English only and limited insertions to advertisers approved by the Board, implemented in May, 2013
• April 2013, Offering Special Memberships to 24 Ambassadors approved by the Board, implemented in May, 2013
• June 2013, New entrance fee for Resident and Corporate Transfer Memberships approved by Board, implemented in July, 2013.

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Steven Greenberg

The Nominating Committee prepares the Club's slates of nominees for election to office in accordance with procedures established in the General Rules. To ready the ballots, the committee solicits information and recommendations from the Board of Governors, general manager and knowledgeable Members.

• November 2012, canvassed incumbent and candidate Governors for candidates for Representative Governor, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.
• November 2012,supervised the election of the Representative Governor.
• June & July 2013, identified and considered 320 potential candidates for the 2013 Governors election.
• August & September 2013, submitted the 2013 election slate to the Board of Governors.

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Culture, Community & Entertainment Committee

Daniel Smith (Lance E. Lee)
Culture & Community — JoAnn Yoneyama
Entertainment — Matthew Krcelic
Frederick Harris Gallery — Yumiko SaiVideo Library — Abigail Radmilovich

The Culture, Community & Entertainment Committee advises the Board on matters of cultural exchange as well as organizing a full calendar of social programs at the Club, including cocktail receptions, music events and holiday dinners, to keep Members engaged, involved and smiling throughout the year.

• November 2012, hosted a tour to the Hakkaisan Sake Brewery and Untoan Temple, a sake-lover’s dream!
• November 2012, families enjoyed the annual Family Christmas Dinner Show with Christmas themed entertainment and feast, arts and crafts and a surprise visit from Santa.
• February 2013, hosted Rebuilding Tohoku lecture with MIT architectural professor Shun Kanda.
• February 2013, held the Super Bowl 47 evnt for 300 Members and their guests with an array of prizes and entertainment by the Tokyo Girls Cheerleading Team.
• March 2013, held the Imperial Sounds of Gagaku event with a lecture and performance by heads of the Imperial Orchestra of the Imperial Household Agency.
• May 2013, Cinco de Mayo kicked off the first of many "First Friday" events with entertainment and refreshments in the Winter Garden.
• June 2013, hosted Ambassador and Mrs. Roos at the annual Independance Day Reception. John Ken Nuzzo and the Tokyo Fire Department Band provided musical entertainment with performances by the Naval Air Facility Atsugi Color Guard and the Yokota Air Force Base Drill Team.
• June 2013, the newly formed sub-committee Men's Group held its first event, a tour to Toyota's plant in Toyota city, Aichi Prefecture.
• August 2013, the Men's Group held a successful mixer, the first "Beer and Bowling" night.
• August 2013, the Men's Group hosted an outing to the Meiji Jingu Stadium to see the Yakult Swallows take on the Chunichi Dragons. Chunichi won 10 - 8.
• September 2013, Welcome Back "Great American Block Party" partnered with the ACCJ Walkathon with 300+ attendees enjoying a buffet and music and entertainment by a DJ and Star Wars characters.
• September 2013, held the annual Diaster Awareness Day event to educate Members and the local community on disaster/emergency preparedness, with the assistance of the Boy Scouts.
• October 2013, provided music workshops conducted by musicians at six public schools in the disaster-hit Tohoku region in coordination with the Fukushima Board of Education.
• October 2013, Pirates of Tokyo Bay featured in the first Comedy Night in the new facility at Trader's Bar.
• Open Mic. Night was held 9 times between November 2012 and November 2013.
• The Frederick Harris Gallery sub-committee hosted 15 exhibitions between November 2012 and November 2013.

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