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Dress Code

The Club has two dress codes: Standard and Casual.

Standard dress is generally acceptable in any part of the Club and is always required on the Formal side, unless otherwise stated. Casual dress is for the Family side and recreational areas.

There may be additional restrictions in specific areas and for particular activities. These rules apply to all users of the Club (both Members and guests), regardless of age.

This means clean and neat clothing. Collared shirts or sports jackets/blazers are required on weekdays for men. Among dress items not allowed are sports caps, swimwear, beachwear, flip-flops, sandals or one-banded slippers made mostly of rubber or artificial materials for males and females and hats for males. Only those who meet the Standard dress code may transit through the Winter Garden.

This refers to clothing suitable for a family and recreation environment. Club exercise wear and sweaty exercise wear may not be worn in the restaurants, Family lobbies, B1 family area or the Library. Members may go directly to their car or leave the fitness facilities in their workout wear. Members going to or leaving the Sky Pool are expected to cover up. Footwear is required outside of the Sky Pool area or as otherwise instructed.

A full description of the Club's dress codes can be found here.

Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the Club, except the smoking cabin (cigarettes only) in Traders' Bar and on the Decanter Bar Terrace (cigarettes and cigars only).

Child-Friendly Environment
Tokyo American Club is committed to establishing and maintaining a child-safe environment for all young people using our services and facilities and taking all reasonable steps to protect them from discrimination or harm.