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Community Recognition

The Club fosters a commitment to cultural exchange in the local community and recognizes outstanding people and organizations that strengthen local and international ties and help to shape a better world.

Culture and Community Sub-Committee Approved Organizations

These selected groups have been approved by the Community Relations Committee for their contribution to the international community in Tokyo and beyond.

American Japan Society
A private and non-profit organization established to promote mutual understanding and friendship between two countries.

American School in Japan
A distinguished independent international day school enrolling students from age 3 through grade 12.

College Women's Association of Japan
A non-profit organization committed to education and fostering multicultural friendships through cultural exchange.

Hands On Tokyo
A bilingual volunteer clearinghouse that aims to connect foreign and Japanese nationals to volunteer projects within Tokyo. It is an affiliate of the global HandsOn Network.

Ikebana International Tokyo Founding Chapter

Open to all people sharing an interest in ikebanna, Ikebana International Tokyo Founding Chapter offers monthly meetings featuring demonstrations by ikebana masters, an annual fair and special luncheons.

International Ladies Benevolent Society

Members from many different nations raise money to assist a great number of institutions and organizations that provide care for the ill, disabled and those less fortunate of all ages located in Japan and abroad.

Minato International Association
An organization that strives to promote personal and cultural exchange mainly among the city's residents and workers of all nationalities through various activities, events and publications.

Navy League of the United States, Commodore Perry Council
A civilian organization dedicated to supporting members of the US Navy stationed in Japan with cultural exchange, orientation and hospitality, as well as helping Japanese citizens understand their role and way of life.

Polaris Project Japan
A nonprofit organization committed to combating international and domestic human trafficking and modern-day slavery through a comprehensive, proactive approach.

Run for the Cure Foundation

Funds clinical examinations, purchases mammography machines and initiates community outreach programs with a mission to stamp out breast cancer in Japan as a life-threatening disease through education, timely screening and treatment.

St. Mary's International School
A pre- through grade 12 boys' school established by the Brothers of Christian Instruction focused on college preparatory education in spacious facilities.

Tokyo English Life Line
A registered non-profit organization that has provided information, counsel and comprehensive mental health services to the international and Japanese communities across Japan for more 35 years.

Tokyo Theatre For Children
A non-profit volunteer group of adults who perform live, English-language theater for kids and the young at heart.

Tokyo International Players
This volunteer-run group has been committed to bringing high-quality, English-language community theater to Tokyo for more than 110 years.

YMCA Foreign Community Support Committee
Promotes and raises funds for YMCA Japan's Challenged Children Project, offering developmental classes, fitness programs, summer camps and more for kids with such conditions as autism, cerebral palsy and learning disabilities.

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Community Awards

In keeping with its mission to promote strong cross-cultural relations, the Club proudly honors an elite group of distinguished individuals, both in Japan and abroad, who have had remarkable impact on an international level. Award recipients receive a 3-year honorary membership to the Club, presented at a reception open to all Members.

Distinguished Achievement Award

Established in 1995, this award honors exceptional individuals who have made significant contributions to society, improving international relations—especially between the United States and Japan—and promoting worldwide intercultural exchange.

Sportsman/Sportswoman of the Year Award
This award honors individuals who have made a major impact on athletics in Japan. Created in 1989 (men) and 1991 (women), the recognition has been accepted by the news media as one of the most prestigious such honors in Tokyo.

Sports Lifetime Achievement Award
Established in 1992, the award was set up to recognize achievements in the world of sports and contributions to the development of a particular pursuit.

Past Recipients

Distinguished Achievement Award
2014 Norika Fujiwara, actress and goodwill ambassador; Junko Koshino, fashion designer; Junko Tabei, mountaineer
2013 Dr Kiyoshi Kurokawa, academic, scientist and health policy adviser
2011 Charles McJilton, founder of Second Harvest Japan
2010 Julie Fukuda, Scout leader, Boy Scouts of America
2008 Frederick Harris, artist
2006 Tsuyoshi Akiyama, psychiatrist
2005 Mitsu Kimata, former bureaucrats and equal rights campaigner
2003 Toko Shinoda, print artist
2003 Yotaro Kobayashi, Fuji Xerox chair
2002 Kayoko Hosokawa, Special Olympics Japan chair
2001 Edward Seidensticker, scholar
2000 Eloise Cunningham, Music for Youth founder
2000 John Kaizan Neptune, musician
1999 Sadako Ogata, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
1998 Fr Neal H Lawrence, tanka poet
1998 Yasokichi Shioda (Konishiki), sumo champion
1998 Mamoru Mohri, Japanese NASA astronaut
1997 Yoshio Okawara, former ambassador to the United States
1995 Leo Esaki, Nobel laureate
1995 Donald Keene, scholar
1995 Tetsuko Kuroyanagi, UNICEF ambassador
1995 Jean Pearce, journalist
1995 Haru Reischaur, author

Sportsman of the Year Award
2014 Koji Murofushi, hammer, Olympics
2011 Ryo Ishikawa, golf
2008 Alex Ramirez, baseball

2005 Kousuke Kitajima, swimming
2003 Tuffy Rhodes, baseball
2001 Kosei Inoue, judo
2000 Musashimaru, sumo
1999 Hiroyasu Shimizu, speed skating
1998 Takeshi Okada, soccer
1997 Masashi “Jumbo” Ozaki, golf
1996 Tom O’Malley, baseball
1995 Ichiro Suzuki, baseball
1994 Kenji Ogiwara, Nordic skiing
1993 Akebono, sumo
1992 Orestes Destrade, baseball
1991 Konishiki, sumo
1990 Warren Cromartie, baseball

Sportswoman of the Year Award
2014 Mami Sato, long jump, Paralympics, 2020 Olympics
2010 Mao Asada, figure skating
2005 Mizuki Noguchi, marathon
2003 Miya Tachibana, synchronized swimming
2003 Miho Takeda, synchronized swimming
2001 Naoko Takahashi, marathon
2000 Tomoko Hagiwara, swimming
1999 Tae Satoya, skiing
1998 Akiko Fukushima, golf
1997 Motoko Ohbayashi, volleyball
1996 Ryoko Tamura, judo
1995 Yuka Sato, figure skating
1994 Kimiko Date, tennis
1993 Seiko Hashimoto, speed skating
1992 Midori Ito, figure skating
1991 Mikako Kotani, synchronized swimming

Sports Lifetime Achievement Award
Masato Mizuno and Tsunekazu Takeda, 2020 Olympics
2008 Minoru Saito, sailing
2005 Bobby Valentine, baseball
2003 Takasago Oyakata, sumo
2001 Shigeo Nagashima, baseball
2000 Yasutaka Matsudaira, volleyball
1999 Hisako Higuchi, golf
1998 Yasuhiro Yamashita, judo
1997 Taiho Oyakata, sumo
1996 Sadaharu Oh, baseball
1995 Hironoshin Furohashi, swimming
1994 Wally Yonamine, baseball
1993 Chiharu Igaya, skiing/International Olympic Committee
1992 Daigoro Watanabe, sumo

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