Building the Premier Club in Asia

Sky Pool

Under a sweeping glass dome, the rooftop swimming pool is indubitably the crown gem of the sleek new clubhouse and an unmistakable Tokyo landmark. The 6-lane, 25-meter pool, which has a uniform depth, beckons lap swimmers and provides rejuvenating aquatic programs for all ages and skill levels throughout the year.

The surrounding glass walls can be opened on balmy days and a starlit swim is sure to be an experience without equal. Enchanting views of Tokyo Tower are ever-present.

Weekdays: 6:30 am–9 pm
Weekends & national holidays: 7:30 am–8 pm

Pool Office
10 am–6 pm
Tel: 03-4588-0700
Fax: 03-4588-0219
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Pool Manager: Haldane Henry
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Pool Info

Pool Deck

Shaded by flourishing olive trees, this UV-protected area is a great place to catch up on the latest page-turner, steal a few winks of sleep or simply escape the stresses of urban life.

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Sun Deck

Sunbathers can sink into one of the comfy lounge chairs and soak up a few dazzling rays on this sun-drenched space with panoramic views of the city.

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Changing Cabanas

Several changing areas near the Sky Pool make slipping in and out of swimwear a breeze during the summer months.

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Family Changing Rooms

This privacy-minded area is designated for parents with small children to get ready for sports programs with ease.

From personal stroke correction and swim teams to scuba diving training and pool parties, numerous aquatic activities and programs are available for swimmers of all ages and levels.


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Members may bring guests to the Pool for a nominal fee. All guests must sign in at the Pool Office and be accompanied by a Member at all times.


Children (ages 2–19): ¥1,000
Adults (ages 20+): ¥2,500

Jun 1–Sep 30
Children (ages 2–19): ¥2,000
Adults (ages 20+): ¥4,000

Weekends & national holidays
Children (ages 2–19): ¥4,000
Adults (ages 20+): ¥6,000

Children (ages 2–19): ¥1,000
Adults (ages 20+): ¥2,500

(* exclusive of 8 percent consumption tax)

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Pool Reminders
- Food and drinks (except for bottled water) are not permitted in the pool area.
- Shoes and street footwear are not allowed on the pool deck. Deck slippers provided for use are located next to the entrance.
- Smoking is prohibited in and around the pool area.
- Strollers are prohibited around the pool area.
- Diving is not allowed.
- Babies and young children who aren't toilet trained must wear a swim diaper and an over diaper in the pool.
- Children ages 10 and under must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
- Children ages 5 to 10 can obtain Super Swimmer certification in order to swim without immediate supervision. (Please note that a parent must still be present in the pool area for children with Super Swimmer certification to use the pool.)

For the complete rules, please see the 2014 Pool Guide.

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Pool Closure Procedure

Contaminated Water
To prevent recreational water illnesses caused by germs from contaminated water, the pool will be closed temporarily for treatment if the water becomes contaminated by fecal matter, vomit or other potentially harmful substances.

Lightning & Thunder
In the event of lightning or thunder, the sundeck and Kids' Water Park will be evacuated. They will reopen 30 minutes after the lightning or thunder has ended.

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Super Swimmer Requirements

Children ages 5 to 10 who have passed the Super Swimmer Test can use the Pool without immediate adult supervision. However, a parent or guardian is requested to be in the Pool area at all times while the child is in the water. The Pool staff administering the test will judge the competency of the swimmer. Check the Club website or contact the Pool Office for details.

Children who have not passed the test must be accompanied by a responsible adult (ages 20+) who is no further than one arm’s length away at all times while in the water.

All children ages 4 and under must remain within arm’s reach of an adult at all times while in the water.

For Qualification Requirements:

  • - Age 5 to 10
  • - Ability to swim any style for 25 meters to demonstrate endurance and water competence
  • - Ability to float or tread water for 30 seconds to demonstrate ability to control and change body position and remain unassisted in deep water
  • - Ability to retrieve a pool ring from the 1.2-meter depth of the Pool

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Lane Etiquette
Two swimmers can share a lane swimming side by side. Three or more swimmers sharing a lane should swim in a circle and pass on the inside. Keep to the corners of the lane when standing.

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Meet the Pool Players

Haldane HenryPool Manager, Mudsharks coach and swim instructor
Joined the Pool: 2005
Hometown: Savanna-la-mar, Jamaica

"Serving as head lifeguard and a Mudsharks coach has kept me close to the water. As a former scuba instructor and boat captain, I can hardly imagine working on dry land!"

MasaMasa HamanakaLifeguard and swim instructor
Joined the Pool: 2008
Hometown: Yokohama

"As a surfer and bodyboarder, working at the Sky Pool gives me the chance to share my passion for swimming with others."

MackMack ShibazakiLifeguard and swim instructor
Joined the Pool: 2005
Hometown: Kanagawa

"When my students accomplish their goals, it reminds me why I do my job, and when they earn first place in swimming events, it makes me happy."

KenichiroKenichiro HiramotoLifeguard
Joined the Pool: 2005
Hometown: Yokohama

"Working with people and outdoors all summer  is a pleasure. Once I helped save a Member from drowing and was commended by the local Fire Department."

w_yasukoYasuko Hadlow—Lifeguard and swim instructor

Joined the Pool: 2010
Hometown: Nagareyama, Chiba

With six years of experience as a kids' swimming instructor, I have returned to TAC for another season of fun in the water.


w_benniBenni EdriansyahLifeguard and swim instructor
Joined the Pool: 2010
Hometown: South Sumatra, Indonesia

"Working close to the water, teach swimming and having the potential to help save lives is what I value most."


yumiko_ueharaYumiko Uehara— Mudsharks assistant coach and swim instructor
Joined the Pool: 2011
Hometown: Kamata, Tokyo

As a former competitive swimmer, I love the water, where I've trained for 10 years and for just as long taught swimming. Here's to sharing fun in the water with Members.


faridFarid Stas— Lifeguard and swim instructor
Joined the Pool: 2011
Hometown: Damascus, Syria

"I have been a competitive swimmer and also a lifeguard and instructor for most of my adult life. Working at TAC gives me an opportunity to share my skills and knowledge."

reinaldoReinaldo Rus— Lifeguard
Joined the Pool: 2013
Hometown: Sabah, Malaysia

"I like working in a multicultural environment and being close to the water. Keeping everyone happy and safe makes me happy."

lisaLisa Miyasugi— Swim instructor
Joined the Pool: 2014
Hometown: Yokohama, Kanagawa

A former Open Water Swimming champion and a 2008 Beijing Olympics hopeful and 6 years' experience as a swimming coach. Lisa has recently developed special training courses to instruct adult triathletes to improve their swimming skills.

andreAndre Gordon— Lifeguard
Joined the Pool: 2014
Hometown: Kingston, Jamaica

I have been a competent swimmer for the past 7 years. I enjoy working around the water as a lifeguard to ensure the safety of everyone and also to be a competent lifeguard.

tobyTobias Turschner— Lifeguard
Joined the Pool: 2014
Hometown: Giessen, Germany

I have been involved in lifeguarding for over 10 years at lakes and pools, and I've tought swimming lessons, Aqua Gymnastic classes and Aqua Fitness classes. I really enjoy working around the water, meeting new people and working as a team member.

tobyAdrijan Bitrak— Lifeguard
Joined the Pool: 2014
Hometown: Ohrid, Macedonia

I grew up on a lake and love to fish and scuba dive. I was a member of the Macedonian national rowing team and have eight years’ experience as a lifeguard. I feel responsible as a Sky Pool lifeguard to remind all Members of the pleasures and dangers of water-based activities.

dominiqueDominique Lindell—Lifeguard and swim instructor
Joined the Pool: 2011
Hometown: Malmo, Sweden

I have been competitively swimming since age 12, and working at the Sky Pool gives me considerable opportunity to interact with Pool users and teach children.

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