Building the Premier Club in Asia

Access & Parking

As Members and guests arrive to the Club by foot, car, taxi or bicycle, they are greeted by the staffed entry booth and guided to the right place. DVDs and books can be dropped off at the booth.

Pay-Per-Visit Parking  
Members without parking stickers and visiting guests can now park at the Club by simply paying each time they visit.
*NOTE: Members sponsoring parking for guests must meet their guests at the B1 entrance.

Car & Bicycle Access
Members arriving by car or bicycle enter the eye-catching structure via the main driveway on the ground level, before heading down separate drives to the subterranean parking area.

A refreshing abundance of parking (204 spaces) is accessible in the underground mechanical lot and a small number of above-ground spots. All registered vehicles will have proximity reading devices that grant access to the parking area.


Members arriving by car enter the eye-catching structure via the main driveway on the ground level, drive onto 1 of 3 bays and leave their vehicle with a parking attendant. The staff park the vehicles and retrieve them while Members stay in the designated waiting area.


Surface spaces for motorcycles and low-to-the-ground, large, handicapped and specially authorized vehicles are limited. Assisted parking is provided for those with small children, bulky items or special needs, and satellite parking is available at Tokyo Tower when required.


VIP Parking

Twelve ground-level spaces can accommodate attended vehicles that are picking up and dropping off Members in a timely fashion, as well as by chauffeurs, taxis and special visitors.

Bicycle Parking
In its centrally located space in Azabudai, the Club is a breeze to reach by bike from a variety of neighborhoods. Fifty slots are easily accessible for registered bicycles from the main entrance on the ground level.


Pedestrian Entrances
Arriving on foot from Mamianazaka (Mamiana Slope), Members enter through a marked side door and use their new Membership cards to head toward the endlessly delightful offerings upstairs. Equipped with RFID technology, the stylish touch cards grant access to the Club at various entry points. Member photos ensure that outside access is limited and the private nature of the Club is maintained.


Arriving Members also can enter the spectacular clubhouse through the garden entrance on the ground level.

Public Transportation
The Club is easily accessible by train, bus, bike, car or on foot. Please follow the map route to the B3 entrance from Mamianazaka. A Membership card will be required to enter the building.


By Train

For those taking trains, three stations are about a 10-minute walk from the Club:

  • Kamiyacho Station on the Hibiya Line (Exit 2)
  • Azabujuban Station on the Namboku Line (Exit 3) or Oedo Line (Exit 6)
  • Akabanebashi Station on the Oedo Line (Nakanohashi Exit)


By Bus

Bus route No 96 can be taken from Gotanda or Shinagawa stations to the Azabu Juban stop.