Building the Premier Club in Asia

Our Values

In addition to professional prowess in our fields of expertise, the values below are shared by each individual in our team and form the foundation of our success.

Internationalism and diversity
Our Members and staff are from a wide variety of countries and backgrounds, working together as one. Respect for other cultures and being open to differences is vital in building our tight-knit community.

TAC is one of a kind. Our uniqueness is what separates us from the crowd and adds value to our Membership. This is a key reason why our Members join and why our staff choose to be part of TAC.

Integrity and trust
Integrity and trust is the basis of our relations with our guests, co-workers, managers and subordinates. Building trust at all levels should be our constant striving.

Focus on people
Hospitality is about people. People are the core of what we do. People come first.

Courteous and respectful behavior
Genuine courteous and respectful behavior is the first and foremost way to show people come first and take priority. Whether interacting with Members or fellow employees, impeccable manners and a genuine smile go a long way.

Healthy work/life balance
Healthy people not only feel good about themselves but they get results. A healthy balance between work and life is key to a happy and engaged staff and Membership and our long-term success.

Personal responsibility and No-Blame Culture
Personal responsibility is the basis of excellence in hospitality and fundamental in creating a no-blame culture. Blaming others when things go wrong rarely helps us move forward and find solutions to the task at hand.

Hospitality and guest commitment
The Premier Club in Asia is more than the bricks and mortar. It is about providing an un-paralleled experienced for our Members and guests worthy of this title in every way.

Openness, change and adaptability
The problems we face today are very different to those we faced yesterday. The expectations of our Members are constantly changing. To meet these changing demands we need to be open to new ideas and creative solutions.

Commitment to community
Part of our Mission as an NPO is to improve international relations between the US and Japan and to provide interchange of cultures among countries. To that end, the Club reaches out to its neighbors and beyond through a variety of public events and charitable support, making it a truly rewarding place to work.