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Employment FAQ

Questions we often hear from people before joining the team

What is Tokyo American Club?

Located in the heart of Tokyo, Tokyo American Club is home to a vibrant, international community of professionals and senior executives and their families. Members from the United States, Japan and around 50 other countries explore the local culture, learn new skills, forge friendships, pick up hobbies and enjoy life-all at an institution of world-class recreational and dining facilities and services that has been a part of the Tokyo landscape for more than 80 years. And throughout this illustrious history, one constant has been the passion of the Club staff and their dedication to creating a warm and welcoming environment.

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Who are its Members?

Originally founded in 1928 by several US businessmen, the Club has blossomed over the years to boast a richly unique Membership of more than 50 nationalities. Our Members include top-level business executives, young families, celebrities, professional athletes, artists and entrepreneurs across all sectors. Uniquely, Members are both guest and boss.

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Who works there?

Our multinational staff is reflective of the Membership, hailing from locations around the world and bringing with them a unique array of talents and experiences.

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What's it like to work there?

Stepping into the Club, employees enter a social, international haven unlike any other in Japan. You’ll be greeted each day with friendly smiles and warm hellos and quickly find that there’s more than enough to stimulate your mind each day and take pride in your work. In addition to continual learning and the chance to make new friends from around the globe, you’ll discover a host of unexpected incentives

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What are the language requirements?

The requirement varies from position to position with the specific language requirement for each job noted next to the vacancy. Generally, roles with a lot of interaction with Members require a higher level of English communication ability. For most roles the emphasis is on speaking and listening ability.

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Will I be able to use my English skills?

Absolutely. The Club is essentially an English-speaking environment, so you'll have plenty of opportunities to speak English on a daily basis, whatever your position.

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Can I use the facilities as a perk of the job?

Unfortunately, employees can not access facilities like the swimming pool, restaurants and fitness center but are invited to check out most items at the library and DVD library, purchase wines at-cost and get great deals on the Club's catering food items.

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What kind of staff benefits does the Club offer?

In addition to the legally required staff benefits the Club also offers its employees:

- Use of dedicated staff locker rooms and showers
- Subsidized meals during lunch or dinner in the staff cafeteria
- Employee Of the Month/ Quarter/ Year acheivement awards as well as on-the-spot recognition awards
- Access to discounted hotel, resort and recreation facilities in the Kanto region
- Opportunities to join the Club's internal self development programs
- Language training
- A yearly Employee Recognition Day event

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What types of employment are available?

TAC has 3 types of employment status, Associate (hourly wage), Contract and Regular (monthly payment). Usually staff start their careers at TAC as Associate and work their way through Contract to Regular staff. Even though remuneration of Associate is based on hourly wage these positions are usually full-time and applicable to performance bonus, paid holidays and social insurance depending on the working hours. Also there is a system whereby Associates whose actual working hours are 37.5hrs or more can progress to Contract and eventually to Regular, based on their performance evaluation over a period of time.

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Is there room for promotion and professional growth?

The Club is devoted to cultivating an atmosphere of continual learning and professional improvement, whether it's in the form of English or Japanese lessons, Customer Service, Management Training or Communication Skills or through regular progress evaluations and constructive feedback. Individuals who meet or exceed expectations and are qualified will, whenever possible, be considered for advanced positions when they open up.

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You didn’t answer my question here. Who can I contact?

From general inquiries to career specifics, please contact our Human Resources Department at 03-4588-0248 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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