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    Logan Room

    The Club's game lovers convene in this stylish center for regular bridge and mahjong competitions, lessons and friendly encounters.  

    Daily (Weekdays and Weekends): 9 am–9 pm
    Tel: 03-4588-0681
    E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

    Bridge has been a popular pastime at the Club for decades, with a variety of games slated every week. Active players can also join the Club’s venerable JCBL Duplicate Bridge Group.

    Members looking to flip a few tiles can drop by the Logan Room to take in the action. Regular play takes place on Friday afternoons, while Wednesdays are popular among drop-in players. Tournaments are typically held the third Thursday of the month at 9:30 am.

    Mondays and Wednesdays | 1– 4:30 pm

    Playtime Procedures:
    E-invitation sign-up is required. RSVP by 9 am on the day of play.
    Players must agree to play by the rules outlined in Tokyo American Club/Logan Room Mahjong Rules of Play 2013 handbook.
    Please do not remove reference books from the Logan Room. (Personal copies may be made at the adjacent Business Center.)
    As a courtesy to Tokyo American Club Members, coffee orders are taken at 2:30 pm
    If you are new to Tokyo American Club and want to be added to the e-invitation, please visit the Recreation Desk (2F).

    Etiquette for Friendly Play:
    Please do not touch the Kong wall until after the winner has been paid.
    The dealer always keeps the dice to their right, after the dice has been rolled and the Kong wall has been made.
    Exposed pongs and chips go to the player's right hand side in the order they were acquired, from top to bottom, with the first acquired at the top.
    When you Mahjong, have an exposed hand, keep your concealed tiles separate from your exposed tiles for proper scoring.
    Please stack your winning Mahjong tile on top of two tiles or one tile (if it is a pillow) in order to determine proper scoring.
    Conversation should be kept to a minimum during play to encourage the flow of the game.

    Monday Social Bridge
    Mon 10:30–3:30 pm