Building the Premier Club in Asia

Frederick Harris Gallery

The former Genkan Gallery was renamed in December 2010 to honor the late Dr Frederick Harris, a former Club president, longtime chair of the Genkan Gallery Committee, renowned artist and cultural ambassador whose profound contributions to the Club and the grander art world over the decades were plentiful.

The Frederick Harris Gallery houses a changing selection of fine artwork from local and internationally renowned artists. Exhibitions feature a new artist every month, with works ranging from oil paintings and traditional Japanese woodblock prints to ceramics and sculptures.

Much of the displayed artwork is available for purchase through the Member Services Desk. Sales of works begin at 6 pm on the first day of the exhibition.

Artist Exhibitions

Artists interested in exhibiting their artwork can complete an application at the Member Services Desk. Showcased artists are selected by the Frederick Harris Gallery Committee.

Featured Artists


July 14–August 10

Late in her life, famed American painter Georgia O’Keeffe lost her central vision and decided to stop painting with oils. To feed her hunger for artistic expression, she took up pottery and produced several series of clay pots up until two years before her death, in 1986, at the age of 98.

“I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way—things I had no words for,” she once said.

The Art-mura project ensures that the creative talents of artists with challenges similar to those faced by O’Keeffe have the opportunity to shine. This month’s inspiring exhibition at the Frederick Harris Gallery features the works of 15 Japanese artists with learning disabilities.

The show (the second at the Club) is organized by Pasona Heartful, a subsidiary of the Pasona job agency, which helps people with intellectual disabilities, who have difficulty securing traditional employment, earn money through making and selling art.

Since 1992, Art-mura has offered courses for free in painting, pottery and other skills to more than 100 budding artists. It has also planned myriad public exhibitions, some at its own atelier.

Under the tutelage of painter Tokie Aizawa, the artists created works inspired by Japanese traditions. From samurai dolls to the festival of the peach, the pieces depict elaborate Japanese meal sets, World Heritage sites, iconic landscapes and time-honored Japanese crafts and products.

“With their sharp sensitivities, which are free from any preconceived ideas, the members of Art-mura tried to express traditional [Japan],” says Aizawa. “Their styles of painting don’t belong to any existing school of art or trend, but are vividly sparkling in each picture displaying their originalities.”
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